Situational Awareness

Dates: November 4, 2023

Meets: Sa from 9:00 AM to 12 N

Registration Fee: $99.00

The most important aspect of safety is situational awareness. Turning vigilance into a skill set can help you see and avoid danger before it happens. Being situationally aware means, you can read the body language of and hear the thoughts of potential predators. In other words, you know what's going on around you. Vigilance or situational awareness allows the average law-abiding citizen the ability to outthink and evade violent criminals before they can attack.

Objectives of this class:
  • The Prevalence of violent attacks
  • Coopers color codes of awareness
  • Types of human predators
  • Reading body language
  • How predators choose their victims
  • How to avoid looking like a victim or easy target
Fee: $99.00

Talvin Rome


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