Prior to enrolling in Outdoor Photography, you must have completed the specified prerequisites (if you have not taken a prerequisite, you can click on the catalog code link to see a list of upcoming course sections):

Photography 1 - Beginner, Getting to know your camera

Getting to know your camera and how it works - Basic equipment (DSLR vs Mirrorless, etc.), settings, megapixels, memory cards, resolution, file types and image quality. Basic Exposure modes. How to take sharp photos. How Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO effect your images. How Depth of Field works. Shooting in Manual Mode and Exposure Compensation. Work flow, Post processing and storage options basics. Care of your equipment. This course will cover the essentials of photography and will teach students to improve their basic skills to enhance their images. Note: Students need a digital camera with full manual capability to all classes. Learn more about the Photography Certificate Program!

Photography 2 - Intermediate, Moving beyond the basics

This class will expand and build on Photo 1. It will begin with a review of the basics of how the camera operations and equipment, modes, settings, lenses and accessories will be reviewed. The basics of exposure using the three basic tools for getting good exposures (Shutter speed, aperture and ISO) will be discussed and how to apply them to different situations. A major focus of this class will be how Light and Photographic Composition affect your images. Using RAW files and why they matter. Students will be encouraged to practice at home with homework assignments and grow from in-class critiques. Note: Students need to bring a digital camera with full manual capability to all classes. Prerequisite: Photography 1- Beginner Learn more about the Photography Certificate Program!

If you have previously taken courses with us, check your Registration History to see if any of your past courses meet the prerequisites.

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