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Carrie Bryant Roy
Peggy Cozart Peggy Cozart has worked as a freelance photographer since 1989, or, as she likes to say, since back in the film days. She began taking pictures and working in her own basement darkroom as a teenager and went on to earn a BA in journalism from Georgia Southern University with a minor in photography. Peggy has photographed for clients ranging from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The Carter Center to Mercer University and Young Harris College. Additionally, she was an early advocate of journalistic wedding photography and has photographed nearly 100 ceremonies. She has been teaching since 1998 and currently teaches beginning through advanced core classes as well as elective classes in digital black and white imaging and portrait and lighting techniques.
Sue Davis-Westmoreland Sue is a trainer, coach and business consultant with a proven track record of managing people, programs and projects nationwide. Her expertise as a project manager, consultant and trainer makes her a logical fit in the field of leadership -including problem resolution, root cause analysis, skills analysis, process improvement, project management, conflict resolution, effective communications, emotional IQ and many other leadership courses. Before becoming a consultant/trainer, Sue worked as an Executive Project Manager/Delivery Project Executive at IBM Corporation where she led a team of 250 people in the management of data centers operations, process improvement, human resources, financial management of budgets up to $200 million, client relations, and multiple levels of management.
Mike DeWoskin
Tamara Etterling
Kevin Gecowets
Kim Hymes
Elizabeth King
Jackie Martin "Motivation is contagious!" That's what our guest, Jackie Martin believes! It explains why she helps others get fired up at work and at home. For more than 20 years Jackie has provided fun, upbeat and motivational training to small and large organizations across the country. Jackie is the Founder and Chief Motivational officer for her own company. She believes that once each of us becomes focused and motivated we take action, and that action can be so contagious that we become unstoppable. Jackie's passion has always been in the areas of motivation, professional leadership and communication so it made perfect sense when she recently became one of the founding partners and certified Trainers and Coaches for the John Maxwell Group. Jackie's believes our time is valuable, so she wants to make the most of the short time we have together by having some fun! She believes that whether we are learning something personal or technical, when we're enjoying ourselves we are more engaged, take in the information more easily, feel confident to try new skills, and are more likely to use what we just learned when we get back to our jobs.
Stephanie Nakamura
Oscar Narvaez
William Neiheisel
Terri Parker
Thomas Roberts
Talvin Rome
E. Lee Saffold
Roy Silvers
Herman Thompson
Marcela Tomlinson
Larry Winslett