Prior to enrolling in Quickbooks 2, you must have completed the specified prerequisites (if you have not taken a prerequisite, you can click on the catalog code link to see a list of upcoming course sections):

Quickbooks 1

Quickbooks, the leading accounting software in use today, provides an easy-to-use bookkeeping system for individuals, small businesses, church groups or any organization that needs to track financial information. In this class students will learn how to set up and manage a basic set of accounting books, including how to create a chart of accounts, post daily transactions, create vendor lists reconcile checking and credit card accounts, track activity, and to generate an interpret the financial reports. This class uses the Desktop version, not online. Learning Objectives: Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to: Setup a new company in Quickbooks Set company and personal preferences Use forms, lists, and registers Add, change and delete accounts and vendors Properly post daily transactions Track and reconcile credit card activity Reconcile bank account activity Make journal entries Generate profit & loss, balance sheets and other reports While Quickbooks does not require an understanding of double-entry bookkeeping, basic PC and Windows skills will be necessary for this class. Quickbooks 2021 Desktop will be used.

If you have previously taken courses with us, check your Registration History to see if any of your past courses meet the prerequisites.

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