Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification - Online Instructor Led

Dates: February 24 - April 14, 2022

Meets: Th from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Location: LIVE Online

Registration Fee: $1,500.00


This course combines a one-hour LIVE Online class session with your instructor, Dr. Mary McShane-Vaughn, each week along with weekly course learning assignments. These sessions will be archived for later viewing if the student is unable to participate in the live meetings. This format allows for students to receive the benefit of in-person instruction as well as the convenience and flexibility of a traditional online course. Need to ask a question during class? Need to complete assignments at midnight? No problem, this course has you covered! UNG Professional and Continuing Education makes online learning easy wherever you are.

Six Sigma is an enterprise-wide, project-driven quality improvement approach that emphasizes a systematic method to problem solving and decision-making based on data. Six Sigma results in increased customer satisfaction, improved quality and reduced costs. Lean is a method that concentrates on reducing waste by improving work flow and eliminating mistakes. Together, these two methodologies provide a powerful means for companies to delight their customers and improve bottom line results. Lean Six Sigma has been successfully applied in manufacturing firms, hospitals, educational institutions, banks, retail operations, insurance companies and other service-related industries. In each case, organizations can reduce waste, improve customer service and reduce costs.

In this Green Belt course students will learn how to implement the Lean Six Sigma methodology in their organizations to improve customer satisfaction and deliver bottom line results. Participants will learn the five-phase DMAIC project approach and master quality tools that they can apply immediately at their workplaces. Students practice performing analysis and applying Six Sigma tools using a hospitality industry case study. Upon successful completion of the class, students will earn their Green Belt Certificate.

Course includes certification.

Students should have at least a 2-year degree and should be able to solve basic algebraic equations. In addition, experience with using formulas and creating graphs in Microsoft Excel is extremely helpful.

The 8-week, instructor-led program includes:

  • Instructional videos with companion course guide
  • Hospitality industry case study
  • Excel spreadsheet with templates and custom calculators
  • Modules on the Six Sigma philosophy, DMAIC methodology, graphical analysis tools, statistical methods, and Lean tools
  • Asynchronous discussion board assignments
  • Three open-book, multiple choice exams
  • Weekly live online sessions. These sessions will be archived for later viewing if the student is unable to participate in the live meetings.

Course topics include:

  • Introduction to Lean Six Sigma
  • The DMAIC Project Roadmap
  • Capturing the Voice of the Customer
  • Project Selection and Scope
  • The Project Charter
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Six Sigma Teams
  • The Cost of Quality
  • Mapping Processes
  • Graphical Analysis using Microsoft Excel
  • Analysis Tools for Teams
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Measures of Central Tendency & Dispersion
  • The Normal Distribution
  • Confidence Intervals
  • The Six Sigma Shift
  • Process Capability
  • Control Charts
  • Lean: Eight Wastes, Visual Management, 5S, Quick changeover, Mistake proofing

To receive a University of North Georgia Professional and Continuing Education certificate and CEUs, students must attend 80% of all class sessions, actively participate and complete a course evaluation,  as well as obtain an average score of 75 or better on assignments, quizzes and exams. 

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