Digital Court Reporter

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Location: Online

Cost: $999.00

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This digital court reporting program prepares students to enter the high demand field of court reporting. Currently, the industry is experiencing a severe shortage of court reporters with a need for an additional 10,000 nationwide. The well-established shortage presents a substantial opportunity for those seeking a rewarding career with a secure future. Digital reporters can work in the freelance market for a court reporting agency or they can work as a full-time government employee at a courthouse.

This course thoroughly prepares you for AAERT's (American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers) national certification, CER (Certified Electronic Reporter) exam. The AAERT certification is recognized as the leading certification for courts and businesses throughout the United States and is required by various court systems and agencies for employment.

Note: If taking the course to prepare for the exam, please research the locations you are interested in working in to find out whether they use digital reporting methods. Then ask if they recognize AAERT certification.


This course is taught in an Online Personal Instructor format. See format tab for details.

Course Hours: 60
CEUs: 6.0
Successful participants will receive a UNG Professional and Continuing Education Certificate

Fee: $999.00



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