Nonprofit Manager

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Location: Online

Cost: $2,099.00

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This course will look at the most important aspect of nonprofits—your mission and how to define that. You will also study governance and leadership issues, looking at the laws that regulate nonprofits and codes of conduct. From there, you will be looking at how best to manage your volunteer program. You will learn how to handle nonprofit finances and, critically, how to create a budget. This course will also teach you how to market and raise funds through fundraising and earned income. Lastly, you will achieve an understanding of the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion and how to achieve this within your organization.

Throughout the course, you will have an opportunity to look at how nonprofits of all sizes and from all subsectors accomplish their goals and learn how you can ensure that your nonprofit is successful. This is meant to be a very interactive course, and the more you interact, the more you will get out of this course. You will also have the opportunity to start working on the steps to create your own nonprofit.

This course is taught in an Online Personal Instructor format. See format tab for details.

Course hours:  100
CEUs:  10.0
Successful participants will receive a UNG Professional and Continuing Education Certificate.

Fee: $2,099.00



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