Digital Photography Certificate

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Digital photography has become the primary way for all of us to communicate our life experiences with others. Learn how to capture images that will be treasured for a lifetime!

The Digital Photography Certificate is for students who wish to gain practical knowledge and get hands-on experience on how to navigate the various features of their digital camera; understand the effects of lighting, lenses, and shutter speed; and use black and white photography to create depth and emotion. Our program allows students to gain the knowledge needed to photograph various subjects such as people, nature, and sports as well as enhancing digital images through the use of Photoshop Elements.

Required Courses:

·        Photography 1 – Beginner

·        Photography 2 – Intermediate

·        Photography 3 – Advanced

·        Digital Darkroom 

·        3 Photography Electives*

*You may substitute Outdoor Photography or Videography 1 in place of the 3 electives


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Fee: $0.00


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